My Spring TBR |Top Ten Tuesday

Hey you people.

As is usual I am a big fan of lists. Do I follow those lists? eh, that’s a tricky question. Because I am usually making list in life; Grocery (Even if I’m not the one buying them), Favorite songs, What I’ll eat or even about things I plan to buy in the future. because of that I tend to know what I want but it ALWAYS changes, ALWAYS.

Now when it comes to book, I’m the same. I make list of books that I’ve read, books that I’ll read but I hardly ever end up reading them when I say I want to because I’m huge mood reader, something you might already know if you have read any of my previous posts. so…i spaced out…. now I have no idea where I’m going with the list thing to be honest, other than to mention that those lists made this the easiest TTT I’ve ever participated in.

So here are the books wasnt to read this spring. will I read them? who knows, because I don’t.

  • Every last word By Tamara Ireland Stone


  • Beauty Queens By Libba Bray


  • A court Of Mist and fury By Sarah J mass


  • Lady Midnight By Cassandra Clare


  • The Rose and the Dagger By Renee Adhied 


  • FirstLife By Gena Showalter 


  • It Ends with us By Colleen Hoover


  • The Boy in the striped pajamas By John Boyne


  • The Siren By Kiera Cass


  • Cinder By Marissa Meyer 


These books are not set in any particular order I’m just exited to read all of them. You probably noticed how there are some that are kind of older . Yes, i advent read those hehe.

Do any of you know what you want to read this spring? if so tell me below of leave your link down there and don’t forget that TTT is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish with weekly topics so head on over there for all that jazz! 🙂



Top Ten Book If You’re in The mood For Something New Adult

Hello guys! 🙂 So welcome to march , haha.

I hope you guys are having an amazing day. It’s actually one of those day (To me) where I’m just not feeling crazy about everything. My mood has these weird tendency to fluctuate and today sone of those were I’m extremely sensitive about everything and with everyone around me.  But that’s not going to stop me from having the most productive day I can have.

So in spirit of this day, I’m doing my Top Ten books if you’re in the mood for something new adult.hosted over at The broke and the bookish (shhh, check them out of you haven’t )

I know, new adult? yeah. I’ve heard it all. New adult usually gets the backlash of  pretty much everyone, but to be honest in my opinion is not bad. Sure, there are tons of new adult books that exaggerate and have sexual situations, and okay some of them have awful ways to portrait romantic relationships, but come one, they’re not ALL that bad. In fact I do believe that as dramatic as they can be they can in some cases be a very good representation of new adults living today. We are focused, we are dramatic, we as teens think we’re all that matters and our emotions still consume us. As is the same for adult. And I’ll tell you, some adult books and young adult books have extremely damaging relationships and messages on them. so lets not demonize one gender instead lets love them all.

Okay end rant right now.  Jiji point is not every one likes them and there are some awful ones but there are some awful ones on adult and Young adult books too. The list I made are of the books I think represent the New Adult gender the best. If you’re interested they all have their Goodreads link in them and they are very fun and emotion driven books. so enjoy my little compilation of New adult books you should read.

  1. Maybe someday By Colleen Hoover  

By far my favorite colleen hoover. Of all times. and the book i would recommend to everyone. it was the reason i started learning sight language and very unique.


2. On Dublin Street By Samantha Young

Little bit more on the “Sexy” Side compared to Maybe someday but still a great read and its in Scotland. Do I need to day more? SCOTSMAN!  Complete

3. Wait For you By J. Lynn 

Oh I’m having trouble placing them from 1 to 10 because they’re all my favorites! Hot college Guys and tortoise and snow and cookies ❤


4. Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

Yes! this is a NEW ADULT book. Hello, college, over 18 and sexual tension and I adore it.


5.  Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover 

I should tell you, she is one of my favorite authors… Just in case you’re wondering.


6. Wallbanger By Alice Clayton

Don’t be misled my the cover, its actually a very funny reference. HEHE funny, sexy and sweet.


7. The Last Summer (Of You and me)By Ann Brashares 

what has to be the book that initiated me into New adult book before they were even a thing. Holds good memories.

download (6)

8. Clipped Wings By Helena Hunting

Just look at that cover


9. Loving Mr. Daniels By Brittany C. Cherry 

One of those books that just kind of touches you and are surprisingly realistic.


10. Easy by Tammara webber 

Its not as easy as the tittle leads you to believe.


Making this list proved to be harder than it sounded. Hope you like and check into some of these books. they are really good and entertaining.

Have a good day! 😀


T10T | Anticipated books for Second half of 2015!

Hey Guys!

    Hope you guys have a great Day and even greater week, I’m super exited for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday and I HAD to do it. 2015 Has been a great year for book release but to me it looked like most of them came out the first half, so I was so surprise when I saw on goodreads all the books I was waiting for and some that I’m way too exited to pass up.

Top ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

(All the books I name below will have their respective link to Goodread if you want to know what they are about)

  1. Go set a watchman By Harper Lee | July 14th
  2. November 9 By Colleen Hoover | November 10th 
  3. Carry On By Rainbow Rowell | October 6th
  4. Dumplin’ By Julie Murphy | September 15th 
  5. Never, Always, Sometimes By Adi Alsaid | August 4th 
  6. Because you’ll never meet me By Leah Thomas | July 2nd 
  7. Every Last Breath By Jennifer Armentrout | July 28th 
  8. The night we said yes By Lauren Gibaldi | June 16th 
  9. Every Last Word By Tamara Ireland Stone | June 16th
  10. Grey By E.L James | June 18th 

  I’m pretty sure I’m missing some really good and exited realises on my list but those are the ones I could remember. Those books are not listed in any particular order or excitement – except for Go set a watchman –  I’m really looking forward to readying these books soon

Are you guys exited about some books coming out soon!?

Tell me below!

Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014

Hey! 🙂

So today is Tuesday! You probably know this already and im not making a point here. But today I’m finally doing Top Ten Tuesday and it is a fun one; The topic is New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2014. This weekly meme is hosted over @ShouldBeReading and I’ve missed it in the past few months! 😀

My Top Ten Are:

  • All the names are linked to the authors webside so can check them out if you’d like. 🙂 I didn’t figure it was going to be so hard, and I’m still missing some Authors that I found and lives this year .
  1. Colleen Hoover; I’ve heard of her books before 2014 but I’d never read and man did I love each and every one
    of them. I think the only one I haven’t read it Finding Cinderella which is in my 2015 TBR.
  2. Stephanie Perkins: I don’t know how I when with my life not reading Anna and The french kiss for so long.
  3. Jennifer Armentrout AKA J.lynn: I have read almost every book by her this past year and I’m more that happy (Way too happy) To finally have.
  4. Cora Carmack: 😀 She just looks like a sweet person and I really love all her series ( I have read all of her books 0.O this year)
  5. Cassandra Clare: I want to say I did read her books this year, I started City of Bones last Dic but I didn’t really read more than 2 chapter and then I started The Infernal Devices.
  6. Veronica Roth: Yes, I know. I was late. Big Woops. But I really , really loved Divergent. Still haven’t read Insurgent and Allegant.
  7. Helena Hunting: The Clipped Wings Series this year when down as one of my favorites and it was sooo… Amazing?
  8. Lili St.Crow: I now every liked the fairytale retales and im one of them. This year i found Lili St.Crow how made what has to be one of the best re-tellings of Snow White ever.
  9. Amber Hart: I actually found her through Netgalley and i love her book Before You. I already have the second one on my TBR.
  10. Rachel Hawkins: Rebel Belle Fans? Anyone? Well I’m one of them!