Red Queen | *Late* Review from a non-fantasy reader.

BEHOLD! Red Queen has arrive. and as usual I’m extremely late.

When I say this year started with an awesome book I’m not lying. AT all. I picked up Red


Red Queen | Published Feb 10, 2015.

Queen as a recommendation from a FB friend and to be honest I did not what to expect. But somehow the world Victoria created managed to lured me in until I had no say in the matter , and although pretty genetic, I fell completely in love with the characters.
Red queen is set into a world in which your status depends on the color of your blood (YES!) and there are only two of those; The Silvers, which were the elite and posses super powers and the ability to control the elements around them and then you had the Reds, who are the lower class making them basically into slave. Mare barrow who is a red to teh bone and has no other prospects than turning 18 and going into the Army until plans get mix up and she ends up working for the royal family as a servant. It’s not until a moment of fear that makes her and makes he unleash something she didn’t know she had. Now she’s not a red or a silver but something else, something new and more powerful. Something to fear. Living a double life she has to play the game she has to idea how to win.
The story line was very well written but I do have to say that it was confusing, The world building was lacking description and at times I felt lost. I think it could be because I couldn’t really understand in which category this book felt. I felt as if was jumping from historical fiction novel to a dystopian and then jumping back to fantasy and in a way it was that. It confined tons of elements from all of my favorite books making into something great. And I do have to say even if it doesn’t have the most original cast and plot I liked it.
Now rating it I’m conflicted, like I said it was well written and the story line entertaining but I just couldn’t stop myself from comparing this book to the hunger games, I.JUST. COULDN’T. and I guess some people have talked about the selection, book I haven’t read, but at the sometime it was different
Through out the story I found myself happy with the main characters choices which was a plus this AUTHOR killed me with her twists and I loved it. Red queen is a book that’s going to leave you guessing and wondering and you’ll love every second of it even if you feel like you read it before which is weird of me haha . I can’t wait for the next book.

Bottom line is this; red queen is light, entertaining, fast paced and confusing at time. It might take you a bit to get into it and you will probably feel like you have read this before. Now while saying this I have to point out that I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next book and to know what the story hold but keep in mind that I I’m just getting into fantasy so the worlds and concepts are very new and entertaining to me.



My Spring TBR |Top Ten Tuesday

Hey you people.

As is usual I am a big fan of lists. Do I follow those lists? eh, that’s a tricky question. Because I am usually making list in life; Grocery (Even if I’m not the one buying them), Favorite songs, What I’ll eat or even about things I plan to buy in the future. because of that I tend to know what I want but it ALWAYS changes, ALWAYS.

Now when it comes to book, I’m the same. I make list of books that I’ve read, books that I’ll read but I hardly ever end up reading them when I say I want to because I’m huge mood reader, something you might already know if you have read any of my previous posts. so…i spaced out…. now I have no idea where I’m going with the list thing to be honest, other than to mention that those lists made this the easiest TTT I’ve ever participated in.

So here are the books wasnt to read this spring. will I read them? who knows, because I don’t.

  • Every last word By Tamara Ireland Stone


  • Beauty Queens By Libba Bray


  • A court Of Mist and fury By Sarah J mass


  • Lady Midnight By Cassandra Clare


  • The Rose and the Dagger By Renee Adhied 


  • FirstLife By Gena Showalter 


  • It Ends with us By Colleen Hoover


  • The Boy in the striped pajamas By John Boyne


  • The Siren By Kiera Cass


  • Cinder By Marissa Meyer 


These books are not set in any particular order I’m just exited to read all of them. You probably noticed how there are some that are kind of older . Yes, i advent read those hehe.

Do any of you know what you want to read this spring? if so tell me below of leave your link down there and don’t forget that TTT is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish with weekly topics so head on over there for all that jazz! 🙂


www Wednesday | Getting off this slump?

 Hey there!

    I know I’ve talked a lot about time just passing by lately but guys, It’s Wednesday already. And Wednesday means that I’m doing my WWW wednesday, it is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a world of words and its by far one of my favorites, but before It made me feel kind inadequate because I almost never followed through on my reading plans. but now I’m just chill with that fact. kind of accepted that I am sort of an unpredictable reader.

So with no further due lets get to tackling this questions.

What are you currently reading?

Well, I am reading the same book I’ve been reading since last year and that I’m making myself finish today. Hopefully today. and that book is, All the bright places by Jennifer niven. I can feel the sadness coming to me.


What did you recently finished reading?

Nothing really. slump and all that.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I don’t have a set TBR for march but I’m think I’ll read wither, dumplin’ , Updrift or the siren 🙂



What are you guys reading lately? 🙂 I’m interesting!

and really hope you guys have a blessed day.

February BookHaul | 2016

 Hey you guys!

So we only have 10 months left of the year. 0.0 Can we take a moment yo really think about that? This year is setting up to be one of those years where time seems to fly by. Or, because there is always an or in the mix. so, OR Im getting old, my mom always used to say that the older you get the faster the time passes. and I’m 22 an thats unfair. it should slow down.

Anyways, rant about me getting old over. This month I didn’t really get a lot of books, due to me having an awful slump. but I did managed to get some books that I’m excited about even thought I  haven’t read any of them. Yet. I will go into them. soon. promise.

Between the books I got , I recived a copy of Updraft by Errin Stevens and very excited to go into that book, since I’ve never read stories about mermaids. I’m very stocked about it. Also I got the new book by kiera cass and its also about mermaids! is it maybe my body asking for the beach? probably. hehe.  oh and lets not forget about Damon Black ❤

So here are the books I got this month, each have a link to their Goodreads page and also you can add me on there 😉 If you want. (Self promoting much?)

feb bookhaul

Thank you guys for reading this. I really hope I’ll get around to reading them on march. did you guys got books on Feb? if so which ones?



WWW Wednesday| From a former Snowed in friend!

                                                         Happy Hump Day! 🙂
I think the proper term for those of us who are in the northeast would be “Happy day where you can actually (Finally) see pavement and street signs”. Its been a hellish last 4 days for us (me) with all the snow that Jonas decided to dumped on his way, but luckily it looks like we might be getting some type of normalcy from now on.
As someone who had been studying abroad and hadn’t come back home in the last year I can honestly say that it has been a difficult transition for sure. My hands hurt when I step outside and my face gets bitch slapped when I as much as look into the outsides of my home. Fun right? well yes, it can be. If I NEVER go outside (Yeah right) so to numb the ice of coldness I’m usually wrap-up in a series of blankets. Like I am right now.

So since it’s Wednesday and im in a blanket, ignoring the world around me, i decided to do WWW Wednesday. I haven’t done this post in months so its see how it goes! t’s a meme  hosted by MizB at Should be reading (Former host) but is not revived by Sam Ann Elizabeth at Taking on a world of words and all you have to do Is answer the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

Im currently reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It was recommended to me recently and to be honest the cover won me over, because hello. snow. snowed in? yeah. so far its amazing.


What did you recently finished reading?

Absolutely nothing. I’ve had the worst reading slump of my entire life and I just recently (yesterday) manage to get into a book. so the last book I read was back in November…yeah. can’t remember which it was.

What do you think you’ll next?

Since im beginning to realize that I am a major mood reader im not exactly sure which book ill read next but the one I want to read next is “Every Last Word” by Tamara Ireland stone. I started reading it bacon novegebr and it was pretty good, so I want to finish that.



   Now that I’ve complained about the snow I can say I feel a bit better about the whole situation (HAHA)  But , What have you guys been reading lately? any awful slumps lately?

Until it Hurts to stop by Jennifer Hubbard

                                                          Tittle: Until It Hurts To Stop

17572888Author: Jennifer R. Hubbard

Length: 256

Series: –

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

Published Date: Sept 12th 2015

Gender:  Romance,Young adult & Fiction

Rating: ★★★★ (4 OUT OF 5)

Format: Hardcover

The Book:

When you can’t trust anyone, how can you ever feel safe?
In seventh grade, Maggie Camden was the class outcast. Every day, the other girls tripped her, pinched her, trapped her in the bathroom, told her she would be better off dead. Four years have passed since then, and Maggie’s tormentors seem to have moved on. The ringleader of them all, Raleigh Barringer, even moved out of town. But Maggie has never stopped watching for attacks, and every laugh still sounds like it’s at her expense. The only time Maggie feels at peace is when she’s hiking up in the mountains with her best friend, Nick. Lately, though, there’s a new sort of tension between the two of them—a tension both dangerous and delicious. But how can Maggie expect anything more out of Nick when all she’s ever been told is that she’s ugly, she’s pathetic, she’s unworthy of love? And how can she ever feel safe, now that Raleigh Barringer is suddenly—terrifyingly—back in town?


    After putting off this book for 2 weeks I’ve finally managed to finish it. Right now. At 1:48 AM and uff what a breath of fresh air it was

   So the story lines follows Maggie a girl who was intensely bullied in junior high and still dealing with the every day flashbacks of those awful years even now as a HS junior and the main bullied is living in Italy. But things change, now that the former bully is back in town Maggie is scared that she will be under attack.

    Although Maggie is not alone anymore, Sylvie, a girl she met in HS and Nick he best friend and heart fluttering guy are with her, with everything going on  Maggie ha managed to push the two people she cares about the most and thinks she could’ve probably injured the only things keeping her above water, besides having a cheerful mother who keeps  nagging her about college extracurricular activities Maggie has taken a turn for the worst. Expecting the attacks, old habits returning and the little self-confidence taking a hit.

    It’s been so long since I read a book set in a high school  and I can say that I wasn’t exited about it. It actually took me about 60 pages to actually get into the story and the book is about 250 pages, but the rest of the book was just so amazing. Hubbard had a way of just pulling me into Maggie’s train of thoughts, of understanding even the most bizarre and crazy actions. I was expecting Teenage angst, lot of it, and I got it but I didn’t expect to like it and I did. I say it’s a fair exchange.

   I’m a sucker for good bullying story lines, they pull a string of my heart , they make me think, and here. even when it’s not happening at present you still feel every single emotion coming from Maggie at the moment It happened. Maggie was  and interesting character, she had gone through so many things in her life and she was so damaged, for lack of a better word, that I really felt for her, but it wasn’t until after the half way mark we get to see the full effect of the real damaged she suffered. There is from the beginning a very dark and heavy emotional element that doesn’t get exploited or explained but if we pay attention we do get to see it, we do get to see how far her thoughts go from a point to another.

   In the story we also have Nick, who was just as confused as she was. I love the fact that he is not the perfect male hero, he has issues, he has insecurities, lots of them but that doesn’t stop him for the most part from trying to figure out what he wants. Sylvie was a good character, I do wish we would’ve seen more of her, because she was just so hilarious. I think Vanessa’s character was what moved the story and her relationship with nick, I honestly don’t  think that if it hadn’t been for her Maggie would’ve put her head out of the ground. But the character that I really liked was Adrianna’s, I didn’t want to like her, not after everything that when down with Maggie, but she ended up steeling my heart a little bit  and I’m happy that we got to see that side of her. Raleigh….I can’t deal with her. GET HER THE POISONOUS MUSHROOM .

    It deals mainly with self-discovery. finding who you are, where you belong and realizing that maybe, you belong anywhere you love. with anyone you love. I felt the importance that is discovering out true passion and not letting other dictate US. As well as knowing that people act in awful ways without meaning to, while we might think that is not in pur power to hurt someone is easier that it looks. 

   This book was a hit for me, and for someone who thought I want going to like it let me tell you I cried, a lot. I sight, a lot. A laughed, some. Lol but if you’re looking for a light, romantic and dramatic book this is your book. I do have to say that if you’re not into fluffy happy ending books don’t read it but if you are younger or/and enjoy easy dialog and cute stories this is it.

HAVE any of you read it?

What do you guys think of Bullying in books?

#IReadYA 2015

*With shame I’m back after one whole month*

Hello! ❤

I’m back with #IReadYA, Last year I started it but for some reason I didn’t finish…This year I WILL CONQUER THIS *Hopefully*  this campaign is hosted by This is Teen and if you want to participate to see if you can win any of the prizes this week you can click HERE to participate and log in everyday this week. Today being the first day of the week the topic is

Why Read YA?

The answer to that is very simple, I read YA because when I think no one gets me there is always someone who does.


*Took this pic from This Is Teen Tumblr Page 🙂 *

Movie Monday | Insurgent (Mini Version)

images (4)Title: Insurgent

Release day: March 11th , 2015

Director: Robert Schwenket

Rating IMDb: 7/10

My rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and a half

Gender: Thriller, Adventure & Sci-Fi

Rated: PG-13
Duration: 119 Minutes

     Now on the run from Jeanine (Kate Winslet) and the rest of the power-hungry Erudites, Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) search for allies and answers in the ruins of Chicago. They must find out what Tris’ family sacrificed their lives to protect and why the Erudites will do anything to stop them. Side by side, Tris and Four face one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another, as they unravel the secrets of the past and — ultimately — the future of their world.

Welcome to Movie Monday! I have no idea if someone already has done this but I decided that I’ll try to do this every week to talk about the movies I’ve watched during the weekend or Mondays (As if the case today)


Can a series get better? Yes! Insurgent just proved it can.

    Being honest here I will confess that as a Bookish person I couldn’t finish Insurgent. (Ashamed face here) but because someone spoiled the last book and then proceed to do so with this one as well. That is also why it took me so long to watch the movie. But you know what? I’m thankful because it was so suspenseful and I was jumping in my seat like a 5-year-old.

    Insurgent follows Tris and four after getting out of the dauntless simulation and their journey to shelter at the amity faction, but with them comes Marcus (Evil father) Peter (Evil Human Being) and Caleb (BLA human.UGH) they stay there until some things make them run and they end up allaying with some very rough unlikely kinds of people. (I can’t say) the point is that this movie kicked ass. Tris kicked ass, Four couldn’t be hotter, Peter has mix of lovableness and a way to make me want to mortal combat him that I don’t understand while Caleb was just….UGH

    Guys the ending left me so concern. Things are way too good to be true. SO many good things I have a feeling something bad is about to happen. Right? Awful? I know what the worst thing is but the other parts is where I’m hanging.

    Will I read the book? Probably and that is because I don’t think I can’t handle not knowing what is happening next and I can’t handle not knowing who is dying or who is good or bad and What is going on with that experiment…

And a little Four for u …<3


ARC|Southern Perfection By Casey Peeler

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00066]Tittle: Southern Perfection

Author: Casey Peeler

Length: 200 Pages

Series: N/A

Publisher:   Self (I think)

Published Date:  January 13th 2015

Gender:  Fiction, Romance, Young Adult & Contemporary

Rating: ★★ (2 OUT OF 5)

Life is full of choices: good, bad, and ones you can’t control.
Raegan strives to be perfect in every way. Varsity cheerleader, honor student, and proud granddaughter of Dover Lowery. By day, Raegan is an over-achieving high school student, but at three o’clock, her real work begins.
What happens when appearances are not what they seem? Will Raegan be able to hold on to her life as she knows it, or will she be left all alone?
All of these questions are answered with one night, one song, one story, and one boy.

This will be a short review. I got this book via NetGalley and I want to thank them but …It wasn’t my best choice. First I did know that even when books are already realized they get still sent to readers, so that’s a good think to know now. so the book? It was wayy to Junior High for me.

Lets start with the characters, there was never anyway I connected with them… not even a little bit. Not Reagan, Not Emmett , Not The grandfather. I wanted to but I couldn’t. Their decisions, secrets, motives just irked me to no end and I’m still recovering from. There was so much emotion lacking and I couldn’t move past that.

Another thing that really not annoyed me but bothered me was the language. I know we are supposed to be on the south. I now we are on a farm, but do we really have to use the twang is every single sentence; If I hear YA’LL one more time I might go all carry Underwood on you and smash your windows.

The thing i do have to applaud is the courage of the author with  my favorite part which  was the Acknowledgment. It was beautiful and it honestly made tear up,Because I finally understood that this book was coming from a deeper place and it made me prussiate it a little bit more.

So yeah.. I actually have no quotes because it was really straight forward and I didn’t find anything that pulled me in. I would recommend this to younger kids, since nothing really happens that you need to worries about, (Around 13-14)

Disclaimer for the author : I feel (Really) really  bad giving such a bad review, but if the author ever reads this. I think the reason why didn’t like it is because I’m way pass those years. I just couldn’t relate to it,SORRY!

Thrusday Quotables: My True Love Gave To Me

Hey Guys ❤

It’s almost the end of the week! Yay!

    Today I’m posting – As the title suggested – Thursday Quotable. Thursday Quotable is hosted By Bookshelf Fantasies where you highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.  Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just really beautifully written.

I;ve been feeling a little nostalgic about Christmas time and I read some of the stories from My true Love Gave To Me. And now , I NEED Christmas time again. So here is my quotes from the Rainbow Rowell Story; Midnight!

download (1)

“I need you to be my person,” Mags said. “I need to see you. And hear you. I need you to stay alive. And I need you to stop kissing other people just because they’re standing next to you when the ball drops.”


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤