A nostalgic goodbye |2016

    As another ball drops and we start getting ready to step into another year ,I have started to get nostalgic. The trend for every new year is making plans; promises to oneself that usually get forgotten by the time march comes around, I’m one of those. I make plans every year and fail, miserably, to go through with them. That’s why instead of making unreachable goals I’ve decided to look back into my year and see what went wrong (And who badly)

    2016 was meant to be MY year, as most of us assumed. And I’m shocked to say that it ended completely different from how I imagined. To say the least this year was..hard. sitting here thinking back to this year its a bit of a tough pill to swallow; I’m ashamed and confused and sometimes I even cry.

    With one more year under the belt I can safely say that boy have I learned; Between risking my health multiple times and falling in love And (OF COURSE) getting my heart and hopes crushed by a man whom I thought was the love of my life and making horrible choices

     When it comes to life decisions I’m the last person who should give advice so here I write the things I want to remember everyday, a few of them at least.

1-Don’t plan your life around someone, easy one right? Just don’t. Be and do what you want. The right one will follow along or come into the picture at some point.

2- Follow your passion; Thats the only thing that you will have left when your friends go home.

3- Meet people; never stop yourself from meeting new people who will change your life.

4- Be yourself. People like genuine people, be one.

5- Call,reach out. Be that annoying person who tells everyone how much they mean to you.

6- Be kind, it will never go out of style.

7- Listen to your mom and sister. They TRULY know best, stop being a little idiot and open those ears.

8- Unfollow; all that negativity is not good. separate yourself from the people who don’t help you grow and who just meant something for you before but not anymore.

9- You wont die from a broken heart. Everyone has one  and you won’t be alone forever. Remember the nice moments but don’t live in the past, there are better people in life.

10- Keep Jesus first, I know this might not apply to every one but since this are my life lessons this is by far the most important. HE is everything. don’t forget that.

Life is hard. we all go through things that leave us in tears and doubt but we can never doubt that there is point to this. ALL.  What we need to remember is that we have to be good and love. We have to show compassion and kindness.

A few hours way from 2017 i don’t have many expectations but to be true to my self . Honesty in my character and hopefully I will get done the things I get done. Of course plans are important but character is even more. Character and God.

Have a great new year and be safe guys. 2017 deserves out best. 🙂 





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