Update: Sick?! Booktube!?

 Hey guys!


     So once again I’ve been sick, but no flu sick. The kind of sick where you have to be admitted into the hospital and you think you’re almost dying and your mom has to fly to another country because things are bad kind of sick. But thank God I’m better and I’m being treated for what has to be million things at the same time

I’ve been diagnosed with a Miss-treated Salmonella case that caused a kidney infection and it also happens that I have Gallbladder stones. Yikes right? . but it’s all good in the hood and im almost back to my old self. I have to that a medical leave of a month from school and work tho and that sucked.

All that time holed up in my room only lead to boredom and something very interesting and exiting. I finally made a Booktube guys! As of right now I only have like 7 subs, 4 of those which are family members ahha, but I’m so happy and exited. It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I did it;  At like 2 in the morning with the Ugly love teaser trailer ahha

Its very hard and intimidating putting yourself out there but im learning the rope and its cool so far. Me having this booktube in no way means I will leave my blog because honestly? I’m better at writing my reviews than speaking about them. I could go on and on about everything im bad at but I’ll stop writing now. The 4th episode of Oulander is waiting for me and JAIME? He can’t wait!

If you guys want to check it out I will put my link here , im sorry that is messy, a lot of ramble and only like 3 videos but it’s cool ahah


See you guys soon!


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