Lost All MY BOOKS!?

yes. It happened. All of my Ebooks are gone.

    But let me take a few steps back so you can understand. This didn’t happened this week , it actually happened 3 weeks ago but just now I am finally accepting that 233 books are gone from my Ipad, it truly has taken me this long to accept the fact that 2 years of buying books is done. Finito. Acabado. do you know how much money that is? a lot! but whats is worst is knowing that I can’t remember which and all the  books I had on there, and all the quotes I loved and… everything.

    This is what happened; I had to update my IOS , so as I always do I plug-in my iPad before bed and hit update. When I woke up everything was new, more colorful and efficient. I was going to buy this book called, Getting Dirty (Don’t Judge me ha) and I opened my Ibooks app, I get this notification saying that I need to log in to something, can’t honestly remember and I click Cancel and suddenly I watched as every.single.one.of.the.Gone. I couldn’t do anything.

    After the atrocious moment I tried everything. I logged in, costumer service, email; but they are not even on Icloud. Don’t know what happened but I was pissed then sad and now, I’m trying to slowly remember which books I had and try to buy them back.

Lesson of the story, never trust a digital device. Never click things without reading and buy physical books.

PS: I did wrote the a little bit more dramatically than how it really happened but the feelings where the same haha

Has something like this ever happened to any of you!?


7 thoughts on “Lost All MY BOOKS!?

    • YES!!!! Its awful! Thanks, I did try to.
      But no one at the apple store have any idea what coudl’ve happen or why they’re not save to my Icloud. I emailed everyone and their mothers and no one can do anything for me.

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