Movie Monday: The Boy Next Door

tbndTitle: The Boy Next Door

Release day: January 23rd , 2015

Director: Rob Cohen

Rating IMDb: 4.5 /10

My rating:    and a half

Gender: Thriller

Rated: R
Duration: 91 Minutes

Hi guys!

    So I think this is the first time I’ve done one of this, but welcome to Movie Monday. I have no idea if someone already has done this but i decided that I’ll try to do this every week to talk about the movies I’ve watched during the weekend or Mondays (As if the case today)

When a handsome, charming teenager named Noah (Ryan Guzman) moves in next door, newly separated high-school teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) encourages his friendship and engages in a little bit of harmless — or so she thinks — flirtation. Although Noah spends much of the time hanging out with Claire’s son, the teen’s attraction to her is palpable. One night, Claire gives in to temptation and lets Noah seduce her — but when she tries to end the relationship, he turns violent

My Reaction.

Holly mother of my shoes. HAHAH. I did not planned to see this movie, I saw the trailer and then saw the IMDB rating (ABOVE) and I  thought “Hey,I’ll just wait for it to come out on Netflix ” But my friend asked me and I wanted to go to the movies so our pick was “The boy next door” starting Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman.

I felt like I just watched all those revenge obsession-affair movies in one. It was… Intense. I’ll tell you why in a second. But first I have to share how I was reminded that i like Jennifer Lopez as a singer rather than actress.

Things I liked

-It was fast paced

– Jennifer Lopez was gorgeous.

-Kristin Chenoweth was there ❤

-It was Funny (To me)

-The story was entertaining and engaging

-Sexy, especially those first 30 minutes.

-Ryan Guzman. ❤

-Ryan Guzman shirtless

-Ryan Guzman and his eyes

-Ryan Guzman and his Back side (AKA ASS)

Things I Didn’t like

-It was predictable specially towards the end

-It was corny (Sorry)

-I felt like it was done before in another setting and different actors.

-Jennifer Lopez character reminded me of herself in “Enough” but not as good.

-Ryan Guzman Serious face made me laugh instead of the intended effect.

All in all , I thought it was an entertaining movie, the first 30 minutes was very intense and hot, that is the sole reason my rating when from ❤ ❤  to ❤ ❤ and a half. which means I enjoyed it. I would say that you should watch this movie if you want something quick with some suspense and some hot. I felt like if this where a book it would be a hot adult romance and that’s how I felt as I watched it.

So yeah, GO Jennifer Lopez, you go girl! ❤ And did I mention I loved Ryan Guzman’s Abs and eyes? Yes. Now we’re clear on that!









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