Top 5 Movies to watch on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines day! ❤

    Today is valentines day. A day where we can come together and express the love we have for the world, our friends, family and that special someone, Right?  Not always, for some of us, where we are away from family, ALL (mostly) our friends have a significant others while you don’t it’s rather boring  I’m not going to say depressing because it’s really not, but just uneventful. Instead of going to a date tonight you are probably sitting home thinking about how early can you go to bed or you can even go to those “I Hate Love”kind of thing. But…

     If you are anything like me, you are mildly happy because most everyone around is happy. So I decided than instead of stalking all my lovely (and not some lovely ) friends on Every available social network I’m going to watch some movies and enjoy a quietly night in, with love being the theme (OF COURSE!)

Do not forget, The popcorn, Wine (If you can) , Cake and fluffy pillow!so here are the movies I recommend to watch today:

  • When Harry Met Sally : To me the perfect Love story , part of my top 10 all time favorites!


  • Emma (The BBC Series) : Drama. Time Period.Cute BFF. Cute Captains. Liars.More Drama.LOVE all by Jane Austen hand. Some people like the movie best but this series is Amazing and i will make sure to watch at lest one episode.


  • A Walk to Remember: *Sobs* I need it.


  • You’ve got mail!: Yes, it’s another perfect one. Come on , Tom Hanks was soo cute back then (In a nerdy , im fun-ill love you forever kind of way)


  • The notebook: Yes! I said it. The notebook. It will probably be the best movie for valentine’s day forever and even thought people say they are tired of it, I call BS. And if they really think that… I don’t even know what’s wrong with you ( No Offence)


And if you are hanging out with some Girlfriends, there is also the option, of Fifty Shades of Gray. Seriously, it’s better to watch it with girls. more fun and more to talk about. I had so much fun!

download (1)


(So HOT!)

I hope you guys have all a very happy day and enjoy with your love ones!


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