Epic Reads + EmojiReads = Awesomeness.

Hi Guys 🙂

    So I was going though my Facebook not five minutes ago and i stumbled in what has to be the most creative and fun concept I’ve seen in while. And that is EmojiReads!


If you are anything like me you love, LOVE Emojis. I use them at the end of practically every sentence, it doesn’t matter what it is about , i fell like they express exactly what I’m going through, i mean come on, they have a poop symbols  Can you get more specific than that? as disgusting as it is, you can’t . So when I saw this I flipped out. They took emojis and tried to tell you the plot of the books by pictures. like this!



And like this :



Or like this too



If you like spoilers they also came up with some books that haven’t been published, Like the following.



Isn’t this cool? and they have many more. So I think you should check them out. Right now ❤ ❤

But before you go! STOP!

What is your favorite Emoji?


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