Mini Review| The Librarian Principle By Helena Hunting

23983257Tittle: The Librarian Principle

Author: Helena Hunting

Length: 298 Pages

Series: Standalone

Publisher:  Ink and Cupcakes inc

Published Date:  December 21st  2014

Gender:  Romance, Adult & Contemporary

Rating: ★★ ( 2 OUT OF 5).

 Premise of the book here ❤ Goodreads!

I even Created a folder for this on my Goodreads : Not-What-I-Expected.

   I feel like I could leave my review with only that, it would be enough. But it’s not. When I found out this book was coming out I was more than happy; I was exited and elated and I needed it in my life. I  had read the previous books by Helena Hunting (Clipped wings & Inked Armor & Cracks In The Armor) and I was expecting something dark and powerful and hidden sexual tension and loss and prohibited relationships. But it was far from what I got.

    Instead of all that I got a funny light book. That I liked but didn’t really loved or connected  Don’t get me wrong it’s good. I just didn’t really connect and it was more of a shock effect I got. Waiting for something and receiving the total opposite. I could never really connect with the characters and the parts when I was supposed to feel something I didn’t. Not a thing. True, after the second part things got better but no enough no really hold my attention for long. The writing was good (As all of Helena Hunting Books) But the pace felt either too rushed or too slow.

All in all I think that what affected my opinion was expecting something else.


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