Worn out & Reading? NEVER NEVER

Happy Monday!

Almost Tuesday!

I was so worn out today.

    I felt as if after 2 PM I was dragging and nothing and everything did helped me be more active. I’m not a coffee drinker and since I’m moving all my teas are packed in boxes that I never labeled. And this week promises to be extreamly hectic and CAOS is probably going to be the main event. HELLO 2015! (What a great beginning of the year!) Between my Uni classes and the school year starting up this week i felt like all my energy has goes to either playground time and circle time .

    But never one to focus on the bad (HEHE) I;m super exited and happy that Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher pushed the Publishing of Never, Never to the 8th of this month:) I’ve never read anything by Tarryn Fisher, But I do follow her on IG and since CoHo and she are best friends…. She just has to be awesome tight? My only problem with this is that the book is divided into two and the next one comes out in way too long ( I don’t know the exact date >.<) and I’ve heard there is a major cliffhanger and im so bad with those! Still I will and I’m am reading this book tonight!

That is where the reading part of the tittle comes in, I’m reading


Never Never By Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

(Goodreads Link)

Have you guys read it? What did you think? Link up! ❤


6 thoughts on “Worn out & Reading? NEVER NEVER

    • Hey!
      I’m so exited but nervous about this one >.< I've read all of Colleen Hoover book , except for one and I freaking love her books. Now with Tarryn Fisher i haven't read anything at all.
      I will definitely check out your review when it's up. 🙂 I might finally read it this week, I did read 2 chapters.

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