WWW Wednesday (#10)

   Hi! 🙂

         I am in the middle of a life crisis. I have so many things to do and I can’t do them. I.JUST. CAN’T. I get distracted so fast and so easily. and all I want to do is read. In fact that’s all I’ve done since Saturday. Read and sleep. which has also been a main priority. It’s bad. If in at school or work I try to sneak in reading time which is not a very goo idea since next week is finals UGHHH.


         Moving on from that , today (as every Wednesday) I’m doing WWW Wednesday. It is a meme  hosted by MizB at Should be reading and all you have to do Is answer the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

I’m reading Maybe Someday By Colleen Hoover

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Goodness I’m actually listen to the soundtrack as I write this.


What did you recently finish reading?

I Finally finished Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare and i really loved it 🙂

I’ m sure a review will be up by Friday .


What do you think you’ll read next?

Maybe Not  By Colleen Hoover ❤ I’m currently in a part of  Maybe Someday where Warren just pissed me off and he needs redemption in my eyes.


What are you reading?


3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (#10)

  1. Omg I have the exact same crisis. Like right now. I am supposed to be working on a presentation for tomorrow morning but I’m just here on wordpress and goodreads. Let me know when you find a cure for getting priorities straight!

    • The pain is mutual 0.O I don’t know what is wrong with me. haha I didn’t find a cure… sadly. I came to the conclusion that WordPress, Goodreads and Pinteres are evil sites that want me fail at school. 🙂
      But no, we need to focus!
      Lets hope we do. Did you finish your presentation?

      • Yeah! That’s it, these websites are a complete distraction most times… I finished kinda sorta. It is now 1:40am but I am ‘Distracted’ by reading and I have to be up at 9.

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