Nanowrimo Update: Where has time gone!?

Happy sunday!

I have been putting on this post because im lazy. I am a lazy , extremely lazy person to core of my existence. And I’m not ashamed to say it. So I know I said I was going to post regular updates here about my Nanowrimo Experience and i have failed . But being honest haven’t got the time. I have a full time job and I’m a full-time student I also so different thing during the week adding that my regular post and Nanowrimo i have been all over the pace for the past 3 weeks.

That been said, I’m sorry I promised  something and did do it. For that I am sorry. But on a good note i am very far on my word count for Nanowrimo. I’m currently viewing my 42,427 word count and I’m very happy. In the next week I will be putting and adding bits to the story that is not by any mean done in the lest. But I’m proud of it. I know I have a long way to go but as I read somewhere

First -drafts are telling the story to yourself.

And that is exactly what I’m doing. Later this week I will update you guys on the progress of the last week! 🙂

And because i just heard this sing and feel in love. Here it goes 🙂


Hey, Hey! what do you think!?

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