Monday Ramble: Fear and Expectations.

Hey! 😀

     So it’s time for a ramble. I’m sorry if this is all over the place or it doesn’t make nay sense. But I hope it does

         So being scare or better, having fear of something is part of the human nature. Since we are little, new born really we are experiencing fear, as  simple as when our mother is gone as babies that Is the fear of abandonment. Then some might be scare of heights, of rats, of  birds , of small spaces and there are some more complex fears. Fears that become Phobias. As we grow older we have different fears, fears related to things we cant control ; we get scare of Terrorist attacks, we get scare of being cheated on, Scare of dying , scare of living. Scare of everything. Even when we don’t want it and don’t mean it that way, we are ruled by Fear. Our every move is made out of the fear that if we don’t do something, there might be consequences. I really didn’t mean to go that deep there. Buts it’s the true, at least from my perspective of life. One of my simple fears is starting books. Silly right? just hear me out.

     There is another factor that is an integral part of who we are, Expectations. It’s such an overlooked thing and I’ve noticed that its even easier to overlook expectations on ourselves. You can point and expect, as Is common, for other people to do a great and amazing job , we expect others to be responsible, to “come through” with things. But when its our turn?  is a little bit tricky.

     For the most part people do the best they can, but there are moments when people don’t do it or have expectations that in no shape or form can be reached or done. One of the things I have a lot of expectations with are books.

     Now, you are probably wondering, what the heck is her point right? Isn’t this a Book Blog? Hear me out for just a second. I’ve explained those two things , let’s do some basic math, If we add fear of reading books + High expectations = Disaster. There are millions of books that are a gem, and some that are not so great. And that is what scares me. I have no right to judge and to expect something out someone I don’t know. Talented rights are tons, but there are people I might have read that are not that great, but what if that IS the best they can give? What if that book a very part of them that I might crush down? What of that was their dream and I stumped on it, spat on it and threw out a window?

     I’m always conscious of what I might say that can hurt someones feeling and I try hard not do it, I try not be a destructive person with criticisms. And so far I think I have succeed in that. but I still have that voice in the back of my head telling me to be more careful  That voice has gotten bigger when I started this blog. A blog that’s based on my opinions . I’m not saying that we have to lie or hide what we feel , i juts think that in nice to be more understanding and valuing what other might feel. 

I don’t know if any of this made sense , I’ m sorry if it didn’t; But it was something that I wanted to trow out there. has anything like this happened to you?


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