NanoWrimo 4-5: Plot Problems and Characters!


“What we say depends on who we are”

As you might have known if you fallow my blog I’m currently in day 5 of the 2014 Nanowrimo and since yesterday things have made a turn for the bad…And its only been 5 DAYS! this shouldn’t be happening right now. I have been working on this story for a while so i knew pretty much how things happen and when they happen , I have a pretty good outline, but it’s just not clicking into place at all. I’ll tell you how i feel:

  1. I just talked myself out erasing the 9,368 words i have down.
  2. My Main character lacks pourpous 
  3. I need a stronger villain…Right?
  4. My chapters are getting way too long.
  5. Everything is all over the place and I long for a type writer where I can see the words come to life. Then I feel bad because that is killing trees.
  6. I think I need to fix my plot Lien ASAP.
  7. I know it will get better.

That is everything that is going through my mind in regards of this book. In pass Nanowrimos’ I’ve stuck with short stories and small projects but now is coming to bite me in the hand. But the think is that I know ( Hopefully) that I’m just nervous. So this is what i will do tomorrow or Friday when I clear my head.

  • I will create a new project on Scrivener where i will cut and paste everything i have in my story but i will do it in order and it will make sense.

Gosh i feel better already. I knew i just complained like crazy here, but i needed that. Sometimes I just get frustrated and it happened to me right now. 🙂 Anyway now for some inspiration for those characters sketches that need help ( like mines) . I love TED ED!


Are you doing Nano? Do you have any helpful advise for me? 


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