NanoWrimo: Day One; Add me as you Buddy!


        Sooooo, Today was/is NanoWrimo day 1 and im soo happy! I just finished my word count.As I said in a previous post, I will be Writing daily post about the process , tips and tricks and motivational stuffs ( Video, quotes.. all that jazz.)

I think I pretty much did a whoLE chapter – I’m Gasping!- and i really liked my main male character , oh Nash. Today wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and I’m glad for that. lets just hope things stay that way.

TIPS: What I did was that I would set times goals. For example In half an hour I had to write 500 words and I would usually do it in 20 minutes. That really worked for keeping me motivated and on track. Before i knew it had 3000 words down.

Today Word Count: 3,118 

If any of you are doing Nano you should let me know and we can be Writting Buddies! 😀 so if you would like to add me down its my username.

My Username is:  gengirl8 




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