Nanowrimo Take 2!? Yes!

Hey Hey, Hey! 🙂

I got news.

    As you might have seen by my title I decided to part take on Nanowrimo 2014. For those of you who don’t knew what Nanowrimo is? Well, It is the National Writing Month, Where you take the 30 days of November and write EVERY DAY. You set goals, The main goal being 50.000 words that you have to reach by November  30th. You get to set up your own page and everyday you log in your word count.  It has its Official Website if you’d like to go check it out. 🙂


I’m kind of nervous this year. Last year I almost got to 50.000, Almost being the big clue. I had 1000 more words and I just couldn’t finish them. 😦 But I have high hopes that this year will be different and I will get to that 50.000 goal or even more. What I will do is that I will post small mini updates of word-count , the struggles and success of my November challenge. I will be posting tips and plot lines and all random inspirational things. Everything that keeps me motivated.

And as Winston Churchill once said


Here is the Nano Link in case you want to check it out.  HERE!

Are you doing Nanowrimo this year? Let me know so we can give sport to each other! PLEASE! AHAHAH


Hey, Hey! what do you think!?

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