Five On Friday #1

Happy Friday! ❤

       It’s finally here! As a teacher for me Friday has to be  the best day of the week. Don’t get me wrong I love all days and all my kids, but after 5 days with the same kids? things tend to get…tedious. And it’s necessary to have a break. So, today I’m doing something new, it is Five On Friday, It is a Meme hosted and created by Lauren over at  Bookmarklit. I have seen her do it lately and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. So thanks Lauren for this!  What is it?

Five on Friday displays the  top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.


Yes! I did get Fish shaped bookmarks (Sardines , specifically  as a giftimage (1) from my dad.He just got back from Norway and he got me Bookmarks! I am so in love with these. They are cute, small and colorful, You can’t go wrong with those two if you ask me. I have been using them none stop and I am very, very exited! ❤



2. Netflix!

I know… You are probably wondering..Eh, what? But truth be told. I never Got Netflix until a couple of weeks ago. The reason why is because a) I don’t really watch T.V and even if i wanted to I had my T.V at home and b) I never got why people were so obsessed. But since moving abroad for college i have been missing more and more the little things, such as CBS, MTV, PLL, Teen Wolf…So many things! And so I decided to get it and let me tell you its amazing! 😀 and I am really happy with my decision!

3. Superhero By the Script.

This song has been out for a little while now and I’ve had heard it before but it was just one more cute song by the script until last Sunday  I was just sitting on bed listening to music and that song started playing. I don’t know what it was but I just fell in love with it. I stopped and really listen to it . I looked for the lyrics and i have been playing it none stop. It’s so  inspirational and i’m sad it took me longer to really listen to it. Now, you should listen to it! Now. really.

download4. Pringle’s!

Yes, Pringle’s. these have to be the most filling and actual full chips there is put there. You are really paying for what you are getting. (Pay attention Frito Lay 0.o) I have been loving those this week, way to much. And it all started when one of my kids at school decided to share one with me at lunch time. Gosh, why did i say yes? Now I can’t stop. ahahah Specially the original one!


5. YouTube Vs Sam Pepper.

A little bit more deep here; If you haven’t been following the YouTube gossip Vine, you wouldn’t know that in the past year or so , there have been some allegedly Sexual assault rumors from YouTube Stars toward their underage fans. Lots of  You Tubers have been involved, especially guys from the UK. And it was just this past month that things have gone extremely viral after Laci Green ( awesome YouTuber) made a video calling out to Sam Pepper after his But Grabbing video. What I love about this is the stand the people have taken to this, To say that it’s not okay. That NO, is no, and that we can’t play around with this. If you are interesting to see more of this I will live you the link to Laci Green video and you will caught on really fast. 🙂 I will probably talk more about this in the next weeks. LINK


Those have been my favorites of this week! I hope you’ve had an awesome day! and if you want to do this just go over To Bookmarklit and get the info or just comment below what are you week favorites! 😀




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