Top Ten Tuesday #5: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit.

Hi ❤

Happy Tuesday! The topic for this weeks To Ten Tuesday is : Ten places books have made me want to Visit. Real or fiction!. This is a Weekly Meme hosted By The Broke and The Bookish. Here are mine!

  • Forks, Washington (Twilight): Yes! I still want to go and see the small town. Maybe Vampires are real, maybe I can still get my Edward!
  • England: All of Jane Austen books, are responsible for this. Bath, London, Box Hill….Just to name a few.
  • France: This from Anna and the French Kiss.:)
  • Scotland! (On Dublin Street) My main Goal in life is move to Scotland and live there for at least a couple of years.
  • Lucky Harbor ❤ 
  • North Carolina ; All of the Sarah Dessen books have been to blame. I really want to go to Chapel Hill and see the University.
  • San Francisco: Lola and The Boy Next Door ❤ Oh Cricket!
  • Germany: The Fault In Our Stars 😦 I reallyyyy want to go there
  • Nebraska, Omaha to be exact. The Rainbow Rowell books!
  • Diagon Alley! ❤ If you count the one in Universal studios… I’ve been there!

❤ 😀

Those are my Picks, What are yours? 


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #5: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit.

  1. I have seen Scotland on so many lists this week and it makes me so happy. And so ridiculously sad that I’m not there anymore.
    I haven’t been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but it’s on my tentative list of places to visit next year. 🙂
    Here’s my TTT

    • That is soooo cool you got to live there! I have been wanting to go for a couple of years now. I’m waiting to be done with school , I have a feeling I’ll like too much. It just looks so gorgeous!
      Diagon Alley is so cool; and if you go you Have to get on the express 🙂 it’s so surreal when you go. I when Harry potter Crazy there 😎
      thanks for stoping by!

      • ☺️ Hahaha That’s the goal! I wish you cold see my desk right now… I have like fifteen brochures and a small pile of printed info . The problem is finding something I like at masters level. But I figure I still have about a year to graduation so I should be fine , right? Lol

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