Making Up For Monday: Killer Anticipation

Hello! ❤

How are you!? ITS Monday, in case your Alarm clock didn’t remind you this Monday and reality set in as you either got ready for work or school or anything really, but since we don’t really have another choice than to get up and be as Amazing and happy as we can we  did. SO today I did Making Up For Monday a Meme Hosted by An Avid Reader ; A Wanna Be Writer. Here all you have to do is answer the question of the week, and this week it is;

What book that hasn’t been released yet are you most anticipating?

The first and most exiting book I think and I’m waiting for is STAY WITH ME By J.lynn and I am super exited that it’s coming out THIS MONTH , as of today we just have 8 days left! And that is freaking cool and I need this book in my life!


 Also ANATOMY OF  A MISFIT By Andrea Portes Wich Comes out the 28th of september

MisfitI Think September is a good month so far in the releases department 🙂

What are your most anticipated Books! 😀


Hey, Hey! what do you think!?

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