#swoonyseptember Readathon!

Hi ❤

So this week, more like yesterday I came across this awesome thing. I saw it At Bookmarklit first and I looked into it real quick. Is a themed month created by Kate from The Bookaholic Blurbs, where for the whole month of September i will Read ONLY, contemporary Novels, Swoon worth it!


I think It would be pretty easy since I LOVE contemporary books. 😀 SO for my books, I will pick this  (Im Too Tire right now to take pics… Sorry! )

  • Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover
  • Lola and The boy Next Door By Stephanie Perkins
  • Maybe Someday By colleen Hoover
  • Just One Day By Gayle Forman
  • My Life Next Door Huntly Fitzpatrick
  • The moon and more By Sarah Dessen
  • Paper Towns By John Green.

Coming to a grand total of 7  Books. I know me and I usually read more than that monthly But these are the ones I plant to read because I don’t thing I will have more time than that, I just started School and Work and it seems this year will be brutal , so If Idon’t read more or if i even Cant finish this books I have an excuse 😉


Hey, Hey! what do you think!?

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