Mini Haul! :D

Hello ❤

How are you guys!? I; m sorry i have been gone the last couple of days… i just wasn’t really in the mind-set of writing anything. But now I’m back and I’m so happy to show you the books i have gotten in the last couple of weeks, they are not a lot but because where i live we don’t get that many books in English i was ecstatic. Now I have a HUGE pile of TBRs but i think they will have to wait until i read these books.

Made with Repix (

Yeah this happened! 😀 i finally got my hands on:

  • Clockwork Princess By Cassandra Clare  You cannot possibly know how exited i am about this book. i have been Made with Repix ( for months, since i read clockwork Prince (My review on the link) to read it. And my dear mother was kind enough to mail it to me 😀 Thanks mom! A review of this is coming here, i can guarantee that.








  • Made with Repix ( By Rainbow Rowel
    This is another one i have kept an eye on and also my mom send it to me last week. I have heard so many great things but some bad too. I have to find out. But come one, It is RAINBOW ROWELL some cuteness had to be inflicted to this book






  • Nameless By Lili St.Crow
    Last but no photo (17)least, i got this books. and just stop ans tell me it’s not beautiful? because it is. I totally
    judged a book by it cover and i don’t care 😀 i have to read
    it now! 








GUYS, have you read any of this? If so are they good? i would love to hear your thoughts! ❤


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