Five Friday Favorites: Favorite Summer Read.

Five Friday Favorites is a meme hosted by Amanda from the Book Barger, where each week we have a theme and we have to tell our Top 5. Favorite Summer Reads is not this weeks theme but last one, either way wanted to do it because i really have been going crazy with quotes lately and i can’t look for more right now.

 For this list i decided to take books that are fairly new and mostly YA and NA, some of them are fun and light some of them are kind of dark for those heavy readers, Here they are:

1)We Were Liars By E. Lockhart : This one definitely falls into the Dark reads but i cant figure what would be better than this one. Come on, private island, mystery  love…? Anyone. just make sure you pack your tissues if you are reading at the beach, lake or park, any where public really.


2)Amy and Rogers Epic detour By Morgan Matson:  I guess this books is the perfect blend of sweet and dark with out it
being depressing. i Can really see myself sitting on a beach with a Margarita (hehe- perks of being 21) and this book in my hand.\


3)The Queen of Babble series By meg Cabot: If funny and light is what you want, here it is, STOP looking and prepare to be charm by Lizzie Nichols. Get ready the towel and just sit back and enjoy, Lizzie will fill you with pretty dresses and hot french guys!

download (1)

4)Wait for you By J.lynn: I picked this because with J.lynn there is no way you can go wrong. Wait for me is amazing the series is so romantic and real that you just want to have a Cameron just for you.


5)Along For The Ride By Sarah Dessen: I left this to be last one because this could probably count towards my favorite Summer read.  i can say that Sarah Dessen is the embodiment of perfection therefore this book is an extension of her perfection. read it, now!


I have so many more sugestions! UGGGGG. im just going to say them

i could keep going but i’m going to stop now 😦 If you guys have any questions about these books let me know!

Have an awesome summer read!


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