Musing Monday: When a book knocks at your door.

 Hello Guys!

Musing Monday is  a weekly meme created by MizB  at  Should be Reading, where you can rant about books you have read , you are reading, about your reading habits or anything related about books really. That being said, I’m sorry in advance from the long one.

We all know that books are sources of knowledge. Through books we find, we discover the meaning of life, meaning of thing, the Meaning of our existence. I can say that for me books are what have kept me going when I thought I couldn’t keep going sometimes. I always knew books meant a lot to me but it wasn’t until my find told this the other day that I realized how true it was

“I think book come to you when you need them the most. you know that,when you put down some (books)  that are not just for you at the moment”

Deep words that came after too many wine glasses and pizza boxes on a Friday night, but it got me thinking. How many times have i started a book to put it down because i was not feeling it? how many times have i found a book that touched me and reflected what i was going through at that precise moment? Too many is my answer. You can call it the book fairy, cosmic revelation, fate ,God.. anything you believe in, or nothing if that’s the case. But somehow books reflect on us on a deeper meaning  and they have hundreds of those. You and i can read the same book and that book might mean worlds of difference for us.

Books have thought me about love, friendship, loss, coping, anger,regret. And I’m glad and amazed that someones thoughts can do that. Have you stopped to think about that? If you are a bookworm, someone who has grown with books, or that has learned to love books you know what i mean. Books are lessons.

Sometimes books are a channel for those lessons, I can tell you about something that happened to me a couple of months back; i had just finished rearing Slammed by colleen Hoover and i was flipping trough my book looking for the quotes I had highlighted when i stopped at the beginning of a chapter.

“Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me

And when I lose my direction I’ll look up to the sky,

And the Black cloaks drags upon them ground

ill be ready to surrender, and remember, we’re all in this together,

If I live the life I’m given, I wont be scared to die.”

-The Avett Brothers, Once and future carpenter.

That is what i found. I didn’t think twice before i looked for that song and i fell in love, with the song the sounds, their melodies and beautiful lyrics. I have been listening to them everyday for the past couple of months and they have thought me more about life than any other band has ever. But i know for a fact that i would have never listen to them if not for Slammed. What I’m trying to say is that we should never take books for granted, for me it was a band now, but before it has been other books, poems, authors, short story. Everything. We just have to wait and cherish the moments when that happen because they might not be often when they do happen, those moments are beautiful.

Thank you for reading. 🙂 i just have had this in mind since this morning and i wanted to write it down. have an amazing day. And look for The Avett Brothers.

This song is beautiful, enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Musing Monday: When a book knocks at your door.

  1. Great thoughts! Love this post! I often think about that. I know I have books on my shelf that I’m just not ready to read yet. I don’t know why, but I just know. I’ll definitely listen to the song later, too. Reading has shaped my entire taste in music and sometimes people don’t understand but it make sense to me, and to you too I guess. Books are more than words on page 🙂

    My musing:

    • I feel the same, in regard of books that i have sitting on my shelve. i really have all the intention of reading them…just not right now and the times i have forced myself, i cant finish them. 🙂

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