Book Review: Since Forever Ago by Olivia Besse.

Teenager Carrying His Girlfriend


Tittle: Since Forever Ago

Author: Olivia Besse

Length: 201 Pages

Publisher: Wunderland Press

Publication Date: May 13th 2014

Gender: Romance, New Adult, contemporary,fiction

Rating:★★★ (3 OUT OF 5)

How I got it?: NetGalley

Fresh off the heels of a devastating breakup, Riley Benson is a mess. But with her ingenious plan to become a ball-busting heartbreaker herself, she’s pretty sure she’ll survive. After all, what better way is there to get revenge than to move on?

Riley’s determined to become the perfect bachelorette—she’s going to drink like a bro, belch like a beast and swear so much that she’ll make even the most seasoned sailors blush. After all, those are the qualities that every guy’s secretly looking for…. aren’t they?

Max Fletcher is in love with the girl who gave him chicken pox and his first broken leg. When his best friend seems to finally be out of the picture, he can’t help but want to keep Riley all to himself. And, after coaching her with the very best of the very worst love advice, it seems as if he might actually get what he’s wanted after all those years. But just as the two come to the realization that they’re actually kind of perfect for each other, along comes a secret that threatens to tear them apart.

The Book

I was kindly giving this book from NetGalley for an honest review and here it goes, This book follows College senior Riley Benson who just got her heart broken by her High school sweetheart because he decided her wanted to experienced more than what they had. after this discovery Riley goes for comfort to her Childhood best friend and ex’s best friend, Max “cutie” Fletcher. she is decided that she wants to begins dating but realizes that doesn’t have the least bit of knowledge on that particular subject, so she enlists Max as her Guide through this project… But can dressing in sweat pants , burping and cursing be the way to a mans heart like max says?.

lies will be revealed  and actions can some times never be taken back. But can these two work it all out and still be the best friends they have been since forever ago?

And isn’t that what love is all about? compromise? About realizing that there exist someone else whose happiness you treasure more than your own? that you don’t care how much it hurts as long as that other person is smiling?

My thoughts-

For the most part i found it to be entertaining at times it was over the top dramatic – I am looking at you Riley – and over the top. it was told from two points of view, Riley and Max, there two had been best friends since kindergarten and had a nice relationship. i found that i liked Max a lot more that Riley  mainly because i felt he was more open with his feelings and more developed as a character  than Riley. He was funny and cute and thoughtful . it was clear the difference between this two characters and how different the handle everything. This books doesn’t have a lot of inner dialog but more present thoughts, if you know what i mean.i guess it was also targeted to younger audience . Riley s Inner monologs were super funny and although at  times if not most of the times i wanted to shake her, i still understood where she was coming from.

The reason for my low rating is that it is a love story but i couldn’t see what it was that Max saw in Riley. most of the time she was drunk or running away form him or just seeing things were they weren’t any. i just didn’t see it on the other hand i saw him. and he was great. another thing i like were her best friends, Audrey and Liz they had a lot more Common sense than Riley and help her get her feet down to earth. Oh and lets not forget Adam he was fun.

i was reading some reviews and people had so many mix feelings that its crazy, this book can have annoying parts and parts were you are just like what -insert your choice of word- heck? but that’s is being 20 something  i cant really complain because i have seen and i have lived things like this in college and it is confusing as heck. would i recommend this book? i’m not sure. do you like over the top college drama? and younger and light content ? also, you don’t really get annoyed with characters? YES! But if you said no. then no i wouldn’t.


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