Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Classics.

Hello Guys!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.  this week top ten is Classic books:  now,the first thing that come to mind when i hear Classic books is High school. I can say that my love for books was developed mainly my sophomore year in high school.I went to  this tiny school and i didn’t really know a lot of English  and the only place i felt comfortable was in my English teacher class room – Thank Mr. Gibson- so i would sit there a lot of time and just flip trough his books until i fell in love with the first one, after that i couldnt get enough. Even then my love was primarily book, fiction, dystopian, romance you name them so when i started thinking about this To Ten Classics i wasn’t sure if i loved some of them enough to call them my favorites.

Turns out i did so here they are:


  1. Emma By Jane Austen. My love for Jane Austen has no limits. I am often the source of critic from my dad who didn’t and still doesn’t approve of Jane Austen but there is something so calming ans nice for me everytime i re-read one of her books.  And the BBC short series is amazing.

9780143106463_Emma_ClaDlx.indd2.The dairy of Anne Frank By Anne Frank. If you haven’t read it  go and do it. This book made an impart in how i view life and how little i know of it. It awakened my love and will to learn  everything that had to do with the Holocaust. its really heart breaking  but beautiful all the same.

519HKX9M69L3.Madame Bovary By Gustave Flaubert. I read this book junior year because i needed a book for a class, and after the first chapter i loved a book i thought i was going to dread, the topics here are intense for that time period but so well written that it just captures you in the corruption and frivolity of Emma. Flaubert (if you read his bio) is a really interesting Man that i don’t like in the least, but this book is Amazing.

bovary4.Night By  Elie Wiesel. Has to be one of the most moving books i have read,I told you i loved this Kind of books. In fact this one wasn’t assigned to me at all but Mr. Gibson told me that if i enjoyed Anne Frank i would like this one.And since i’m a sucker for autobiographic books  and Holocaust-Germany-Jews things i did. I was not disappointed all though i think my mom had to buy extra tissues at home.

EW_Night-cover5.To kill a mockingbird By Harper lee- is that book that almost puts to shame all books. i have only read it once because don’t want to mess up my ideas of it.

6.Macbeth By Shakespeare. It reminded me a lot about Madame Bovary and its another master piece, i read it the summer between Sophomore and Junior year in high school.

7.Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte. I don’t love it because if the love story , i loved it because of the Lies and heartbreak and unconditional love that to people can have, until they have nothing else but each other

8.Sense and sensibility By Jane Austen. My first book by Jane and made me go all mushy over fictional boyfriends for the first time. The movie was also amazing.

9.Motorcycle Diaries By Che Guevara. This book is a dairy of Che as he goes all around South america with his friend. it a great self discovery journey.

10.Before were Free by Julia Alvarez. I don’t think this is considered a classic, but to me it is. i recently read it – as in 3 years ago- as a college freshman and it was perfect to adjust and see the progress we have made as a country ( It’s set in teh country were im doing my mayor) and how lucky we are.

Hehhe,,, i couldnt put more pics because my Pc died at school, nd now i am finishing this at the computer lab… 😀 oh well

Which are your favorites Classic Books!?  Did High school books turn out to not be so bad for you?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Classics.

  1. Some great choices! Madame Bovary though – it was intense and well written, and perhaps that is why SHE ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. I couldn’t get over how superficial and frivolous she is!

    • Thank you! I think that’s what I liked the most. It was so well written that even if I didn’t like or found one of the characters annoying I still wanted to keep going . And she really was extremely annoying lol

  2. These are great choices!! 🙂 I read many of these as part of a School reading list as well. Like you, I loved those lists and I devoured the books on them.

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