Welcome To The world of ignorance.

NOTE; Prepare for a ramble!


      Yes, that is the question i pondered for two hours this morning as my statistics professor when on and on in a pile of insults to every single person in the world.

   I should give you some background on this. I am currently taking a Descriptive statistic class; why am i don’t this? you might ask. especially now in summer break? easy answer, i tell you. My school is weird; They had 3 semesters each year and you are obligated to partake on this 3 semesters if you don’t want to be behind ( NOTE; If you do not, you are one more year away from graduation) , that brings me to me taking this class. I have been putting off this class since my first year of college, because ,1) I don’t like math or anything related to it, nor am i goo at it 2) the professor who gives that class to psychology students bores me to death and 3) i am just lazy when it comes to catching up with basic classes. now that you have enough info i shall continue.So the first day i went into class not knowing what was waiting for me, but that changed  pretty quickly. Most of my class mates are freshman who study Dental Care *I cringed * except for a few fellow psychology students who like me, had one last chance to take this class, it was fine, until the professor walked into the class room.

   Hovering over 6’3, he is a monstrosity of man but i didn’t  really cared about that (Other than being scare of being murder by a giant  i am a little paranoid)  because the first thing that came out of his mouth was a nasty comment about overweight women. In that moment i felt my head snapped up from my carefully displayed notebook and gape at him. i expected  him to retract his statement or at-less to see some of my classmates be as upset as i was but looking around i saw people…Laugh! they LAUGHED! But it didn’t stop there ,oh no, he then proceeded to make fun of the skin color of an Asian girl in my class and called a blond girl dumb all in the same sentence.  Neat-less to say i was seeing red when the class was over and i proceed to hurried out of there before i threw my book to his head. The next class i waited for something to make me mad  but he was actually pretty okay. So, i made the mistake of attributing his behavioral to a bad day. But today, if i could have my way and not go to jail, there would be a really nasty case on you TVs tight now.

   Aside from a repeat of everything he said again, he started talking about homosexuality and the words he used and described i can’t repeat here, because they are something that can fiscally make me sick, and i did felt sick as he talked. He spent the two hours, hours that he should have been teaching, saying how it was wrong and how artist (writers, musicians , painters, singers. etc)  are the main reason this happens with their “open-minded mentality’s . All the while i thought someone might have said something, and i wanted to but i was just seeing how everyone reacted, maybe it was the psychologist in me that wanted to see the social reaction of his comments, but again i was disappointed.No one  except my friend and i found this sickening.

   Now here is my problems; I know people are entitled to their opinions in regard of everything. we as free people can say and feel how we want and all that jazz. bur there is a deference between believing something and sharing your opinions respectfully, which in this case have no importance since this is a STATISTIC class, and another things is insulting another person, hurting their feelings and making them feel inferior. That, honestly pisses me off. I know most people think that way, i hope not, but let’s be real here.Either way it is unacceptable , especially for a teacher, to judge people like that.

   Maybe its the family i grew up in or the people i surround myself with that have had a huge effect on me , but even if i think a certain way I AM NOT going around putting anyone else down. On the contrary, i go out of my way to understand and be affectionate to those different than me, you could be Homosexual, black , white, blond, redhead, tall, sort, fat, thin.. I don’t care! because you are just like me HUMAN, and fell and you hurt.and i have no right to criticize of make fun of you believes.

UFF, that was lifting lol thank you for listening to me. I really needed to get that out of my chest


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