Book Review- The Last Summer (Of you and me)

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Length: 306 pages

Published:  June 6th 2007 by Riverhead Books

Rating : 5 out 5! Life changing and altering for me.

Author: Ann Brashares

“Sometimes you couldn’t face the sadness of being forgotten until you felt the comfort of being remembered again.”
― Ann Brashares, The Last Summer

This book i when i was still in high school,Probably my sophomore year ,so that was about 5 years ago. Right now a Junior in college I’m home on break and i was looking though the box of books my sister pulled out of my room (i cringe when i saw that MY BOOKS IN A BOX!)  and i found it. The giddiness and happiness t i felt can’t be put into words , I honestly i felt Butterflies on my stomach, Oh My , i can say i book had giving me butterflies.
And because i brought back so many good memories of me sitting that summer in the park or  in my bed while blocking everyone out, i decided to re-read it and i am not disappointed.

Ann Brashres is the best, i should mention that i haven’t read the sisterhood nor i plan to do so. so on with my reading…ann

Alice: she is spending the summer in the island with her parents and her sister (Riley, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life and is scare . she is really focused and shy. She is Pretty and has been in love with Paul, her summer neighbor, since she can remember.
Paul : Oh Paul, who doesn’t love the torture type? The quiet and beautiful boy from childhood who you don’t really know that well. He is Alice sister best friend and he it’s been a couple of years they don’t spend the summer together, nobody knows why, now he is back and better than ever, showing some interest for Alice . which make then feel very confused .
Riley: Alice sister, strong willed and athletic. She thinks she can face everything and we all love her. She just wants to live her life and be happy.

My thought now at 20:
1- Now that i re-read it, i noticed that maybe at 16 i was too young to really understand the topics talked about on it; i hadn’t really been in love or lost someone important in my life. but i still felt this giddy feeling every time Alice saw Paul and they talked that i felt at 16 and to me that’s good.



2- I liked the fact that even though it could be qualified as a “romance” is not one that happens in 2 weeks or that they become crazy about each other and can’t think straight (even though for some part it was like that) Alice and Paul knew each other, she was the annoying little sister of Riley  his best friend and a girl he always loved and cared about. Their relationship was built from years of friendship, and that is awesome. They fought to be together, it wasn’t a fairytale it took hurt and distance and growing up on both parts to be together.
3- The other most important part too was RILEY. oh how i cried. she broke my heart and i loved her. she was a good sister to Alice and good friend to Paul. she was the one not affected by the things people said to her and she just did her thing. she was stubborn and strong, pulling the people she loved together. The twist with her in the book I think ,was important for Alice and Paul because beside of the odious Riley was in fact the thing that brought them together so now they had to figure out what it was they had to do to be together.ann3



I just loved this book, the Writing, romance, family values and PAUL. I loved it. I would recommend it to everyone. I like the Relationships and the struggle and the end. Can it get cuter? NOT. Read it. Now.


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