Book Review- Nash

nashPublished: April 29th 2014

Format: E-Book

Lenght: 400 Pages

Gender: New Adult/Contemporary/Romance

I had this book Pre-order from a couple of moths back.I had already read the 3 previous (Rule, Jet and Rome) books and i was waiting literally on the edge of my seat for this one to come out. Now that it did.., i’m not so sure.

Nash fallows the story of Nash Donovan and Saint Ford.  On the previous book (Rome) it ended with a teaser of how the saw each other for the first time and it looks like it wasn’t , that they had gone to high school together.

Saint Ford is a girl who had always wanted to be a nurse and is really focused on her work and family leaving  little to no time to her love life.She doesn’t really have friends and turns down every guy who asks her out, that is until Nash Donovan comes back into her life; Nash used to be her high school crush , the reason High school was bearable  and made her look forward to another day in hell. That is until one day when without even knowing it he just makes it all worst. Now that he is back into her life and clearly needs someone there for him , can she be the one?

Nash Donovan used to be a jerk , always a jerk. But he is changed. On the worst night of his life  he discovers two things that make him question everything he has known. and that brings him Saint, the girl he barely remembers but clearly hates him and he wants her. she has changed but had she left behind the things that happened in the past? can she realize that not all of them are the same?

The book:  we see how Saint doesn’t really wants to date anyone she is happy in her world ( work- family) nothing more . she has always find it hard nashato relate to other people and its obvious she has some issues she cant get over with don’t allow her to move pass them (Intense issues). She is finally putting some space between her past and her present, when Nash Donovan comes barreling into her ER one night , the same night he discovers that his whole life has been a lie, desperate  with the news the person who is there to help him is Saint. Saint who doesn’t know if she hates him or likes him.

After their first encounter she makes sure that he is okay which leads to intense kisses and Nash persuaded of her. but her insecurities don’t allow her to give in. really after 2o something years of doubting yourself of no self confidence how can you change it in weeks. bu Nash is persistence and he don’t want to stop until she realizes that she is what her wants and that no Mather what happened before he wants her .They help each other go through things that  no other person seem to understand, and it’s  so sweet. even thought their shared past is very present in the story and the present is hard the try , through mistakes and errors to make it work.



My thought: Im going to be honest here… i enjoyed the story, i loved how Nash was patient and understanding  even when he didn’t know what the heck was going up in he mind and i loved the side characters and how we got to see how everyone is still super happy and exited ( REALLY, RULE GOT MARRIED! :D)  but what bother me where two things and believe i was surprised becuase i am teh least picky person when it comes to books, i loved winny and complicated characters but…download (10)

1) Saint was unable to ever believe Nash either when he would tell her he loved her or how she was perfect, i know that is a reason for that but still men. I can honestly say Saint is one of my least favorite Heroine. i liked the idea of them together but she just got on my nerve for the most part. I truly get where she was coming from, and it broke my heart, i cried and i wished i would have been in HS with her to be her friend.

2) It was too over the top with the love declaration form Nash ,they were sweet and i would totally love and want one for me , but it was too… Edward in twilight  if you know what i mean.

other than that i loved the writing, the passe , the story line and OH MY FREAKING SHOE, that cover! 😀 some one give me water, i’m burning

at the end i give it a 3.5  out of 5 😦 it hurts but the things that bother me really bother me…





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