Venturing into the unknown.

I can admit that the tittle might be a little presumptuous  but i just remember and fell like i did the first time i heard this and really , This past week has been a week of first for me.

I could start by  telling  you all about my first week in school for the summer semester.And how all my classes except for one or two are with kids who are starting now College (Yay me ). It has  being exciting, and nerve-wrecking and i feel happy. I think i have like every semester, the chance and opportunity to be better, to get better.My friends and I always joke that we start the semester like this:

we so got this! An sure A for sure” 

but by the time finals come around is more like this:

 ” Okay… lets see… with the two points of the first day, i think i should have a….7..5 ! yes! i passed! “

Not a good method but apparently for some it works.

Or i could tell you how finally when for the first time to an  international Film Festival  that was held in my country for a week. Here i watched the two more interesting and really bizarre movies i have watched in  a long time. I am not going to say that  they were bad or great but i enjoyed them, and this new experienced helped me realized that if we can look beyond , just a little bit of what we usually like we can enjoy and it not bad, it is good. It opens up you mind to things , it opened my mind and helped me realized that i like quirky , romantic and weird German movies. And i think we should all watched them! (Lovestake & Finsterworld)

Last but not least with or i could tell you about all the cool books i have read or plan to read. I can really say that i romance and contemporary books are my favorite and with the exception of a couple books i don’t really read Paranormal books , i don’t really read that gender. But this week i did and to tell you  i fell in love is an cutting it short. i like th efiction and make me want it to happen in real life.

So like my mother said one day when we were arguing. “If you never venture into the unknown you might never know what you are losing”



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