Clockwork Prince (TID) – Review!


“You don’t even like poetry” Tessa said , her voice catching on a half laugh of relief.

“No. but you make me want to write it . Does that not count for anything?”

Oh my god Cassandra Clare what have you done to me?!

I’m HEARTBROKEN! and i don’t like it one bit feeling like this!

I loved this book, seriously, kind of take it Everywhere, in my purse or book back or hand. talked about it with my friends and recommend it to everyone. if you haven been reading The infernal Devices trilogy, go ahead. this is the second book of it and i have head people say that sequels are not really good, but this surpassed my expectations.

I got into reading this books because a friend saw i was reading The Mortal Instruments and she said i might like this one. i liked the first one, but this one just takes the crown. i did not expect to have so many feelings. whenever there is  a love triangle in a book i’m pretty sure of who i want the main character to end up with, but here i DON’T KNOW! and it is frustrating.

on one hand we have sweet caring Jem, i love jem and his gentle nature ( God nature ‘.’) and i liked him so much and i cry when he fells bad and i want her to marry him. NOW.

                                                                    “Wo ai ni , Tessa” he whispered “Wo bu xiang shi qu ni”

                                                                                     (I love you and I don’t want to lose you)


whats not to love here?

but then there is will. oh Will, dark brooding will, who turns out is not dark or brooding or a jerk , but an awesome sexy and beautiful  and equally as sweet and caring as Jem.

       “I did it because i love you ! ” he half shouted, and then, as if registering the shock look on her face , he said in a more subdue voice “I love you Tessa, and i have loved you, almost since the moment i met you”

i take it back! i know i want Tessa to marry Jem and i want Will for myself! how is that!? hahahah

poor Tessa but apparently she already made her choice…

“…there had been light in his eyes on the stairs, as he’d  locked the door, when he kissed her – a brilliant, joyous light. and it was gone now, fading like the last breath of someone dying…”

I loved the writing i loved everything, i think this might be one of my favorite series from now on! 😀

Ps: be prepare for fun clueless side characters AKA Henry and sweet , brave boys,AKA Gideon ! 🙂 I loved them too!

Now onto Clockwork princess 😀 yay!

guys Look at this video , this girl is Amazing! it totally describes the love in this book, and it was written for this book! 😀               Go!


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