April Reads! :)

Is April really over? its crazy but it is… and is that time were i’m supposed to tell you what i read right? I guess so.  April was kind of slow month for me. in the reading department that is, i was going crazy with final and my job; but i still managed to read some books 🙂

  1. Clockword prince  by Casandra Clare. this is the second book in the infernal devices series, if you are familiar with the mortal instruments the infernal devices is a prequel to that. I finally finished it *insert fist pump here* .I’m so happy that i did, and honestly it took me around two months do it, not because its bad or i don’t like it but because when i like a book i don’t want it to finish so hold on to those last few chapters and wait, taking my sweet time with it. if you like TMI i am pretty sure you will love this one. really.
  2. Chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I’m  sure you guys all know about the death of Garcia Marquez, but for those who don’t he has to be one of the most important writers in literature if not the most. i read this book with my dad as a tribute to him and i loved it, he wrote such a beautiful book full of suspense  it was short kind of like a story and i would totally recommend you to read ALL of his books, it has to be an essential part of every person , i think.
  3. winter kisses by Addison Moore  Winter Kisses is a novella in the 3 Am kisses series. its a cute and realistic tale of a couple being knocked down by their families and who even when time goes by you can go back and have more than you had before. me loves it 🙂
  4. Sugar Kisses by Addison Moore. In the same series is the second book .  and o my freaking don’t i want to become a baker and have a womanizer like Cole, cute-sexy and drop dead gorgeous Cole Brighton. I really would try the I love Cole Brighton or better I slept with Cole Brighton signature cupcake *.- haahha but if you want a sexy , fun and cute story of love go read the series is amaze-balls.
  5. Unfixable by Tessa bailey . i seriously loved this book . if you want to see what i think go check my review.

Those where the books of this month i hope you read some if you did tellme what you thought of it, if not i hope i helo you pick something for next month.

Here genesis, and there you. BYE LOVES.


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