I love Spring Book tag <3

Seeing as we have been in spring for the past month i figure it was pass the time i made this tag . I should state that were i live is NEVER, EVER spring but a sad excuse of saying it will rain a couple of times with the same temperature as we have in summer.  but for the fun of it; with no further due here it is.

  • what is spring  like where you live?   Nonexistent. I live on a island so it is pretty much summer year round, we don’t have to bother with pollen and rain (not too much ) or what others call “Spring Weather”. Here is super hot and humid which lets to me wanting jump into the beach and just stay there. but like i said almost the whole year is like that.
  • Most anticipated release this spring? 

city of heavenlyNash.



  • show us a book cover that makes you think of spring;


  • where are you going to read this spring?  In my room. Laying on my bed. Under the AC. Because there is no way that i will venture outside and risk melting like Olaf. No , No way.
  • find a cover with the sun in it:  I FAILED!  I couldn’t find one.  but i’m going to cheat… a little bit
  • 18879990There is sun in there somewhere … right?
  • what are your favorite spring reads?Anything romantic and light. I love fun and contemporary books in the spring that will make smile and laugh and cry. Anything to prepare me for summer
  • find a book with many different colors on it: 


  • whom do you tag? Anyone who wants to do it 🙂 go ahead and copy the questions!  i really like tags and would love to see more in blogs.


* Go check them out! This tag was created by booktubers:  Helene Jeppesen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shp2M0frZGc   and MySecretBookClub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0hjcMi_79g 


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