Unfixable. Tessa Bailey- BOOK REVIEW


Ebook, 260 pages Published April 14th 2014 Entangled Publishing (Embrace)

                                       He’s the last thing she wants…but the only thing she needs.
Willa Peet isn’t interested in love. She’s been there, done that, and has the shattered heart to prove it. Ready to shake the breakup, she heads to Dublin, Ireland. But there’s a problem. A dark-haired, blue-eyed problem with a bad attitude that rivals her own. And he’s not doling out friendly Irish welcomes.

 “Love comes in many forms. It’s not always sweet. Or comfortable. Sometimes it’s selfish and consuming. Volatile. It makes choices for you. It demands you obey it, not taking no for an answer. And it’s usually right. It knows you better than you know yourself.”


The book:
Unfixable follows Willa Peet , she is a 19-year-old Nashville-Chicago girl, who lives with her sister ginger and her brother-in-law Derek. When she breaks up with her boyfriend of two years Evan she is devastated but she thinks is the only way she can be who she ready is since she can’t be who he has being trying to make her.( Does that makes sense?) So after this even she is overcome with grief and guilt because she thinks she in not capable of making anyone happy, hence why she pulls people away before she gets attached and disappoints them. That’s how wanting to get away from all her problems she summits one of her pictures for a contested where she wins a one month trip to Dublin Ireland, the land of the thousand welcomes.
Or so she thinks… because as soon as she gets there she meets , sour face –annoyed and intense Shane Claymore, gorgeous-blue eye- dark hair strong chin Shane, a car racer who owns and runs the inn where she would be staying for the month. She starts he adventure in beautiful Ireland where piece by piece the old Willa finds herself and can she maybe realize that she is not unfixable but that maybe there is nothing to fix?

This is how i imagine the inn looks like

This is how i imagine the inn looks like

My thoughts;
First of all I have to say this book reminded me a lot of Samantha Young, and I loved it. It had an intensity that didn’t let me put it down and I can honestly say that it pulled me out of my reading slump. And also who doesn’t love a book in Ireland of Scotland.
I forgot what it meant to be comfortably broken. I thought I was Unfixable before. Now I’m plane-crash wreckage
This is how Willa describes herself, I had a long time that I read a book that made me feel so sympathetic towards a character, and she did. I felt her confusion and the struggles she felt with herself and at time I also felt her hated. She is Pandora box, one side she doesn’t let anyone is and pushes as hard as she can to let anyone in only her sister Ginger and Brother-in-law Derek who she loves to death. After breaking up with Evan she goes to Ireland looking for the tough girl she once was.
                     “How do you manage to see the best in everyone, Willa, but only the worst in yourself?” – Shane

Only that when she goes to Ireland and finds someone just like her, it becomes hard to remember that she is broken. She finds what she has being looking for, but is not what she thinks it is.

I feel like a battle is being waged inside me, between my attraction to Shane and the scarier, unwanted feelings creeping in. It’s no mystery that I will lose the physical battle, but I’m trying to win the overall war.”

Now let’s please talk about Shane *swoon* Claymore, he is so intense and broken and hot and everything and alpha male should be and he doesn’t take no for an answer. I loved him , and believe I can be very judgmental in books when guy are too pushy and aggressive, that just doesn’t float my boat, but with Shane I don’t care… he is amazing . He is a grand Prix driver who put his career on hold when his dad died, leaving him to take care of his mom and sister as well as the inn, hating so much that he just wants to go back to his old life. But Willa knocks him upside the head making see what he has to lose and who he really is. The way he can see through Willa’s bullshit and give as good as he takes.
Part of what made this book great where the side characters, they were few but so good, Faith was great, starting as sweet and innocent but becoming more mature in the book. I loved Patrick and Brian , I thought there were going to be a pair of punks to only bring problem at first but they made me smile at how easy and nice they made Willa feel, and my Favorite Kitty, Faith and Shane’s mother, with he craziness and cluelessness she was sweet and raw, and made the book a really good family back ground.
I’m not going to tell you more of this books because you NEED to read it, I’m telling you, it hot and intense but sweet and calm, giving you a great perspective of the future and that you just have to find that person who understand you and accepts you and they won’t try to change you.


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