Camp Nano: DAY 2! Sad scene VS My will.

Hello world.

word count for today; 1.500

So day two of camp nano, and it was heart breaking. How was your Nano!?

Usually when I write, I plot throughout the day, and write in sequence. but today was different. When I got home and sat on my PC I couldn’t get one scene out of my head, and so I wouldn’t forget it what did i do? Dah, write it down. so instead of   a day in the sun and lake filled with love and happiness what did I ended up writing? a “breakup scene” where I was crying the whole time because I didn’t want to do it.

I mean who wants to see their two main characters apart ,even if they are just friends?  I don’t, some people might but im not one of those.

 I found it interesting too. I mean how could I be so  invested in this characters already that those two breaking up broke me too. I think of them as such a part of me that I was talking to my mom and I said “GOSH, nash is being so cruel!” and she looked at me and said, “wouldn’t you be the cruel one? since you are writing their dialog” and I just stared at her like she grew 3 heads and told me to jump . I will try to explain it as i did to her’;

“It’s no me who is writing, well technically yes. but its Nash and Amy. I’m just voicing their actions. they are making their decisions,wrong or right and even thought it breaks my heart that’s what they think is the best.” when she still looked at me weird i just gave up. But it keep me thinking, was i upset? No. exited? Yes. okay with my actions? absolutely.

Anyways, what i meant to say here was that your story might take you to places that you never thought, and you shouldnt fight it. go along with it! at the end you can be surprise. and really it’s just paper, everything can be erased. (PHH-better save it, you can use it later on! )

well, good night!

I‘ll leave you with teh song that inspired me today!


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