DAY 1! Lets go to camp! Nanowrimo!


so i’m doing it… CAMP!

it is that time of year again, Nanowrimo and as much as i cursed it last year and almost cry when i coulndt finish on time,  i will do it. Because i need to do it for me! so i’ve decided that i need to put some comidment into it, because if i don’t, one of the following will happen;

  1. I’ll procrastinate. an dmiss tons of days
  2. i wont finish my 50K goal.
  3. I’ll always wonder ” what if”.
  4. i will “almost” again
  5. ill keep procrastinating, and miss more days untill the last day where i will try to cram all my words…
  6. but… the most important thing. I wont know waht happened to Amy .( main charcter in my story) and that is just unacceptable.

I am going to be totally honest here, as im writting this, i am still convinsing myself that i can do it. so the steps to go there are simple.

WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. Here ,everyday when i finish my word count and every second i have free i will write about Amy and Nova and Nash.

so get ready for me BLOGWORLD!

So if anyof you readers have or will or are doing nanowrimo, lets do this together! MUAAAAAA



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