CLOCKWORK ANGEL – The Infernal Devices #1

clockwork angel
Hello friends!
Another book by Cassandra Clare. Oh my.
I really debated reading this book. Seeing how I haven’t finished reading the mortal instruments, and to be honest, what I liked the most about this books is the character interactions and this one seem a lot deeper in the shadow hunter world. But I was somehow intrigued with this been a prequel to TMI.

Clockwork angel is set in England in 1878. It follows Tessa Gray a 16-year-old American from new York who after the death of her aunt, he only family left since the death of her parents, is send a ticket to go live with her brother Nate Gray. Upon arriving to England she is kidnapped by the Dark sister, they tell her that if she want to help her brother who is “kidnapped “she as to do as she is told and change. Yeah I am not telling how she is supposed to change… 

Now we enter Will and Jem and charlotte and henry. They are part of the London shadow hunters who are set to rescue Nate and help Tessa. But through a series of random and really heart breaking moments things get more complicated that they should. Something you should be familiar from Cassandra Clare previews books, where nothing is as it seems.

I am going to be honest here, at first I was a little like “hold up! This is a historian novel? Like no kissing? Running off and been cute kind of thing? Oh hell no..” but after the first 3 chapters I notice it wasn’t like that. This book my friend is CUTE! Like dreamy eyes when you see the guy you like and your heart is beating too fast? Yeah that’s how I felt. I don’t know how Cassandra does it but she writes the best Male characters ever! I mean first Jace and now WILL and Jem? Really, I mean perfect.
Here we have will how is your perfect torture guy. The beautiful, dark, could have it all but still think is not worth it but somehow you end up loving him? And then Jem… the one who really is in a bad shape but has the heart of gold that you just want to cuddle and baby? Personally I like the good and sweet guys so he just stole my heart.

I think Tessa is really good and like any girl her age is confused about her felling and how Will treats her making her run to the other guy… *WINK. WINK*
The only problem I got here is the story line. To me it’s so much like the mortal instruments. Just different names and back stories but the drama and the quest is much the same. If you haven’t read it will be fine if you have you’ll see the similarities.
Oh and if you have read the Mortal instruments guess what? MAGNUS IS HERE! LIKE REALLY? Perfect!
WARNING! mayor cliff hangers guys. What are you doing will!?

so my final thoughts? go read it! ASAP! if you like magic… and demons… and hot guys… and good developed characters.


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