Divergent (Divergent #1) – BOOK REVIEW.



I didn’t want to,i thought there was too much hype over this book. I thought I was going to be disappointed as in the hunger Games… boy was I wrong.  But as people say, Better late than never.I read everywhere. i couldnt really tell you want happened in my Family therapy class bacause i was reading this!

Divergent is set in a dystopian world, were society is divided in what they call “Factions”, with each of them representing a virtue, we have: Abnegation, the selfless ; Candor, the honest ;Amity, the peaceful; Dauntless, the brave and the Erudite, the intelligent. In their world each year every 16 year old has to choose if they want to stay on their faction or transfer to another one, without the choice of going back. They are encouraged to forget their old family and mingle with the people of their new faction. To help them choose they are put into a simulation, (no I am not going to tell you what happens HAHA), which will help the make a choice based on their virtues.

Here comes Beatrice prior, at 16 she is about to choose along with her brother Caleb and she is torn between sticking with her family in a place where she doesn’t think she could be herself or choosing the faction that she fells more connected with, but she has to choose. But in her simulation something happens, something that she doesn’t understand, something that she has to keep secret. That is… if she want to stay alive.

When she makes her choice she takes on a new name, Triss, and along with the other initiates she has to work through the initiation process, that consist of both physical and psychological test to see if she has what it takes. But is not that simple, everyone wants to be at the top, and we get to see the ways and tactics some of the initiates use to get there, and it is that way that she gets to know who her real friends are and who she really is, maybe she isn’t that little stiff everyone see as vulnerable, maybe she could be strong and brave. Or maybe she can be everything she wants and she doesn’t have to be just one thing.

Along the way of figuring out who she is, she meets, Four. An intense and gorgeous and really badass (only way I can really describe Four) guy who is her trainer and might just understand her better than anyone else but who is also hiding something. As they work out their romance they discover things, Government and evil  things that could only be solved by a change. Something different.

Now I am going to try not to spoiled the book, because I think you should read it. I mean it. Go ahead… I can wait… did you buy it, rented it or borrow it? Now read it, we have all the time…….

GOOD. Now wasn’t that just Fun and heartwarming. Not at all what I was expecting from a Distopian book. But it was. I loved how Veronica roth wrote this book. Really… who can create someone as great and hot and everything good in a guy as four…. FOUR…Tobias… I don’t care. I love you! Really listen to this:

“I watch you because I like you”…I like how you look, you’re deadly smart. You’re brave..”

But wait.. Things get better.

“I might be in love with you” He smiles a little “I’m waiting until I’m sure to tell you, though”

See what I mean?

Triss was brave and good, she was grew so much and came and faced some really rough obstacles without loosing a sence of who she tought she was. The who time she just became this better and improved Triss, someone she was proud to be.

What I love the most is that I really liked all the side characters. Christina, will and yeah AL…I Really loved them. If they were meant to be loved ,you cried and laughed with them. If you were meant to hate them, man, did you hate them. I found myself more than ones, wanting to creep inside the book and smack and hit and kick more than one person.

Its amazing how relatable it is for a book that is mainly about hitting people, but the subtext was clear as day. Is shows the struggle that goes inside each one of us while growing up and how experiences shape us. So thank you Veronica Roth! 😀 now i want you to tell me who was your most hated Character…? mine was PETER! ALL TEH WAY! UGHHHH!

I can honestly say that this book deserves 5 flames… because is on fire!



Paperback, 487 pages
Published February 28th 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books (first published january 1st 2011)



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