Published October 15th 2013  by InterMix

Hello my friends! how is your week going?  I hope is great and not so exhausting as mine. Oh College, hahaha. anyways, this week i didn’t want to read something in my tablet and i remembered that Sweet ( Book #2 in the TRUE BELIEVERS series)  had come out some months ago so I gave it a try, here is how it went.

Sweet… well, it was. When I first read the synopsis I was kind of like …. Okay, I should give it a try. I had read True so I kind knew who Jessica and Riley were, but I never really paid much attention to Riley. But mann  (get it because of mann…?)  I liked it. It is a story of love and sexual experiences and family . It’s about so many things that we (college students) and everyone in the world face about coming to face with who you are and you are expected to be.

Imagine going to college and studying what your parents choose so you could live the life they wanted you to live, not a choice was left to you? The prefect daughter you can never be?  that was Jessica’s life. she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she just want frinds with benefits who dont get too attach. I felt that Jessica was such a good character. She felt genuine and at really just happy with who she was, she wasn’t extremely nice or giving; she was snarky, flirty and smart and sometime kind of bitch but polite. She wasn’t raised by her religious parents to behave in certain ways, but she knew what she wanted (sot of) and knew who she didn’t want to be, so she took the steps to get there. And even though she lied to her parents, she did it because like any child, it was hard for her to feel like a disappointment. I liked seeing her adapt to new environment when she moved with Riley and his brothers and come out on the winning side, charming people on her way there and helping the others she cared about.

Oh Riley. He is trying to win his younger brother custody after his mother dies, he is the man of the house, the provider and he is stuck for two weeks with a girl who has never taken the bus in her life.I have a little conflict with Riley, I loved him he was always making fun of Jessica but he never made he felt less and every time he felt she had insecurity’s he was there to put the at ease. I mean what guy says

“…you can chow down three slides of Pizza if you want. And I’ll never think you’re anything less than gorgeous. Even if you chew with your mouth open.”  Really? ( they were not even friends yet) He was super respectful, even when things got kind of heated between them he knew what he wanted with Jessica and he didn’t want to ruined , he wanted to be “special” to her and mann (see again?) he was. But for all his good nature and everything sometimes he spoke without thinking and as he hurt Jessica’s feelings he hurt mines too. He was such a Hero to the story. I like the fact that his priorities were his brothers and how he made Jessica feel part of them after the two became friends. I like that he wanted to make her feel special and love her, he wanted to be her one.

Erin McCarthy wrote a really entreating  and real book.  I love teh chemistry and friendship these two formed and I also loved reading about Rory and Tyler and seeing things were great with them.I think contemporary books should stick a little to reality and let’s face it in real life not everything we do turns out how we think, but sometimes we bump with people and places along the way that makes us see that life will somehow make us happy and full.


I give it

   Here genesis, there are you

Lots of love!

ps: if you read it, what did you think? if not also coments.

oh and Book 3 is OUT! 😀



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